Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Resort Wear

I'm exploring the shops and beaches near the Great Lakes area for this weak, so here's a vacation look. I was with my parents shopping in a cute little town where shops are right on the docks. You can watch the boats comes in and buy jewelry in teeny tiny shops the size of a closet. We were walking down the street, all going in different directions, when my dad came up to me and said that I should check out one of the stores, because they had "cute things" and the "prices weren't that bad".

Which to me, sounded like "Pick out a dress. I'm buying."

Yes, I am wearing a swimsuit under my dress. Yay vacation!

This was an easy hairstyle I did by braiding a section of hair and using it as a head band. It's held with Bobbi pins on the other side of my head. I wish I had a big red flower to clip over the pins, but it still turned out pretty nicely. I used Paul Mitchell Sea Salt Spray to give it a beach-y look. This also helps the braid stay in.

I bought the jewelry in a small shop in Leeland. Several tourist shops try to charge horrible prices, but if you look in the right spot, you can find the stuff that wont break the bank. The two bracelets and the necklace were about $15 all together.  

Lake Leelanau at sunset, from the camera of my fantastic photographer

Looking out to Lake Michigan from the top of the dunes.

I'm leaving Traverse City now, but I've got a surprise for tomorrow's post. Something a little... different. See you here. :)

Stay Beautiful,

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