Friday, July 15, 2011

Red and Green

Using complimentary colors looks great in an outfit, but you have to be careful about which shade you use. A bright blue and saftey-cone orange will look like you're supporting a football team, and a cherry red and emerald will make it look like Christmas. The trick here is to mute one of the this case, the green. It lets the red take center stage, and the look balances.

The bag and belt were thrifted. The bag is actually the best condition hangbag I've ever seen at a thrift store...there's absolutely no wear or tear on the leather. And its got "Liz Claiborne" stamped into it, so I'm happy.

I decided to go more sixties with my makeup today. I used a dark brown liner just on the top lid to make the eye look rounder. I used a white shimmery eyeshadow and black mascara heavy on top and bottom. A pale pink lipstick completes the look.

Stay Beautiful,


  1. beautiful pictures...u look so the belt

  2. your makeup look gorgeous! and the bag is AMAZING!!! love the vintage vibe<3

    happy Monday!


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