Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dressing Up, and Down

This last month has been super busy...I've traveled, started school, started seeing an organization about putting my designs in a runway show... It's been crazy. And on top of that, I took up a new adventure.

A friend of mine, almost like a sister to me, who I hadn't seen in years suddenly came out of the woodwork. We started talking again, and she introduced me to her new husband and baby. (Adorable!) And then she introduced me to her horses. She spent an afternoon teaching me how to ride, and invited me to come over whenever I had a few free hours for us to ride together.

Horseback riding has quickly become my favorite sport. To ride, you have to always make sure the horses know who's in charge. If they figure out that they are bigger than you, and could go where ever they please, they will. You have to be confident that you know what you're doing, even if you aren't really sure and you feel like you're about to fall off. This is a great lesson for the world outside the saddle too.

Here's my new friend, Diamond. I also rode Forrest (didn't get a picture of him, unfortunately), who is a race horse and much taller. I did some trotting and some barrel racing exercises on him, and that was quite the adrenaline rush!


Yes, yes, I know. This is a fashion blog. So enough of old jeans and muddy boots, here's a new dress.

I went shopping at Kohls this past weekend, and I had $50 in Kohls cash. I bought things that were already on sale, so when it all got added up, I payed $11 for what should have been $200. I got two shirts, a cardigan, and two dresses for $11. Can we just take a minute to celebrate?

Stay Beautiful,

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  1. would love to try a ride with horses.. even though i could be a little scared haha

    cute dress u got!!


  2. I love your dress! <333

  3. you look adorable in that dress! thanks for the sweet comment :)

  4. That is such a cute dress! I love the deep color of it. I've always wanted to learn to ride horses, I think that they're so magical. However, because of my overprotective parents and their worry of my getting thrown off, I've never had the chance to. But I am determined, because I am now legally an adult!

    Followed on bloglovin, and you stay beautiful as well!


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