Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Packing for a Winter Wondeland

Today was spent running around town trying to finish errands and see friends before I leave for the holidays. Luckily, Kelly helped me take a minute to snag an outfit shot.

Now, on to the packing!

I've always seen packing as a bit of a puzzle. You have to figure out how to get the most amount of wear out of the least amount of items. Everything has to pull it's own weight to earn valuable suitcase space.

I ended up with 11 pieces, plus two pairs of shoes and some accessories. From this, I'll come up with eight outfits ready to face the cold weather and holiday merriment ahead of me.

First- the bottoms. A skirt, two pairs of jeans, one pair of black jeggings. All dark, so they won't get dirty quickly. 

Next, the basics. A white shirt (seems to have disappeared in the flash....oops), a turtleneck, and a blue shirt. 
All of these are essential for layering multiple outfits. 

When trying to pack light, it becomes important to really look at where you should sacrifice, and where you can splurge. I decided that I didn't need much jewelry. I chose to wear only gold, so that immediately cuts down on the number of matching pieces I need. I also went with a pearl necklace/earring set (thank you to the   very nice friend who gave them to me for Christmas!) Pearls are something that can be worn with practically anything, which makes them great for traveling. 

The splurge?


And more sweaters. 

I like being warm. So the extra bulk in the suitcase is worth it. I packed them by rolling instead of folding, so they'll arrive ready to wear. 

My two pairs of shoes. The boots are almost a splurge....they would take up a good bit of room in my suitcase. But if I wear them on the days I'm actually traveling, they'll never see the inside of my bag. 

Plus a coat and other essentials, and I'm ready to go! I've got my (new) iPhone in hand, and I'm all ready to blog the whole adventure.

Stay Beautiful,

PS....Dont forget about the Giveaway. That scarf needs a home!


  1. Great packing tips! Have fun on your trip, can't wait to read all about it :-)

  2. Ha. We don't even have any snow yet...Can't wait for you to get here! (this is Maddie,I like your blog, it's very helpful...)

  3. Cool tips





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