Monday, December 26, 2011

Day 6: Shopping

Went shopping today. I found two shirts for under $10 each, and a jacket for $20. That immediately makes it a good day.

When I go to the mall, I always try to wear something that makes it easy to try on clothes. Underneath the sweater, I wore a white cami. This always is helpful when trying on jackets and other layering pieces. The jeggings work well for putting on dresses or shirts. The reason I wore the boots? I really need to stop looking for shoes and jeans. By wearing shoes that are difficult to take off, I wasn't tempted to "just quickly" try on a pair of ballet flats.


  1. gorgeous! especially the striped sweater ^^

  2. I really like your boots... U look lovely..

    I am following you, follow back please...

  3. Great post, I'm the same, I try to wear simple clothes that go well under the new clothes I want to try on. The tip about the shoes are great! I like your outfit, especially your boots and scarf!

  4. you are just so sweet x a lovely blog

    follow each other?

  5. great outfit. love it. i do the same thing when i go shopping. always try and wear simple, easy to layer clothing

    Style in the City

  6. Great news. I'm also finding such affordable clothes from last two month. You sweater is looking pretty. The design of the sweater is really perfect that's matching with jeans. Thank you for such post..


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