Sunday, October 2, 2011

La ville a la campagne

I feel like a do quite a few transitional to night, day one to day two, etc. I lead a busy life, and being able to change my outfit at a moments notice is pretty much required.

But here's one you probably haven't seen yet. I live in an interesting location. You go a little north of where I live, and you get city. You go a little south, and you're at a barn. Today took me to both locals. So this outfit had to do double duty- go from city slicker to cowgirl.

First, the mall.

A Dooney handbag, cropped black pants, and some orange-red lipstick made this urban enough to go shopping in.

And then.... horseback riding!

When the boots cost as much as Pradas, they deserve their own close up.

 I've finally found the method to doing the perfect messy braid. Here's how I quickly did my hair before heading off to the stables.

1. Tease your hair with your fingers.

2. Gather it all on one side.

3. TWIST the low ponytail ( humor. I'm terrible).

4. Seperate out three sections.

5. Quickly braid a few inches and tie it up!

As always...
Stay Beautiful,
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  1. Very pretty your hair :D
    And cute outfit :)
    I'm following you ^^
    Follow me too :D

  2. loving the outfit!! and the red lips takes it to whole new level!! FAB

  3. Cool boots!

  4. That braid is so cute. I've always wanted to do a messy style side one but it always falls apart (and my hair isn't even that short!).



  5. you look gorgeous! I love this outfit.. and wow those boots are amazing! love<3

    XX Sandrine


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