Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Trip: Savannah at Night and Hilton Head Island

First- Saturday night. I went to downtown Savannah for awesome food, music, and art.

Street Style:
I saw this cute couple by the fountain and just had to ask for a picture...I love her dress and bag, and the white was perfect for the late summer night. 

And the next day....

Hilton Head Island

As you can see, I reused all of the accessories from yesterday's outfit. This makes packing a lot easier. I used the same hat, one of the pearl bracelets, and the belt and shoes. 

Also, you may remember that I packed in a teeney tiny weekend bag. But I had a very flexible wardrobe ready for whatever the weather brought. 

Here's the complete list of what I brought:
-Blue sleeveless shirt
-White tank top
-Denim shorts
-Grey cardigan
-Blue sheer cardigan
-Red dress
-Skinny jeans
-Hat, sunnies, pearl bracelets, belt, silver shoes, penny loafers (in case I got blisters from the other ones, didn't end up using them)
-PJ's, of course!

Out of this, I made the two outfits you saw, but if the weather changed its mind, the different layers could be re-combined to create more appropriate outfits. This technique also makes you feel like you've brought several options, not just enough for an extra day.

Right before I changed into my bathing suit!

The waves were perfect for swimming, and the weather was beautiful.

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Stay Beautiful,


  1. oh cute outfit! your blog is great, now following :)


  2. I like this blog so much. i hope you soon can check out mine.

  3. in love with those oxfords!! you look so cute! that is a hot/fashion couple<3

    i'll love to take some street shots soon.. keep having fun girl!


  4. I love your silver shoes!
    Hannah x

  5. Cute shoes!

  6. Great outfit! you look so sweet! Love the combination blue and red! Love the bowler hat as well! So sweet you took a picture of the couple, they look so cute!

  7. Super cute outfit! Love the hat :)


  8. Love the colours in the second outfit. The fedora is the perfect touch

  9. I love the nautical look with those silver oxfords!
    and the water looks gorgeous!

    Chic on the Cheap

  10. Lovely outfit, I love the hat and your shoes very much! The girl who you stopped to get a photo of is wearing a lovely outfit too!


  11. Both outfits are lovely! I like them both!;)

  12. Very cute! Reminds me of the outfit I wore yesterday actually :) Check it out
    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  13. love the colours- you're very good at practical packing! clever. love the picture of the fountain at night too, beautiful. X


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