Friday, August 19, 2011

LBD Goes Casual

There are few things in life more important than a Little Black Dress. Even though this is generally meant to be of a cocktail variety, I dare say that a casual LBD is an even greater fashion nessecity. I saw this in the store, looking rather limp on the hanger, and decided to see how it fit. I put it on and immediatly thought of 15 different outfits I could do. There's so much possiblilty with a simple black dress that the outfit can pretty much put itself together. And for $10? I bought it faster than you could say "Kelly get the camera". 


I love neutral, basic bags because just adding a scarf to the strap makes a great statement. Plus if you have a few of these laying around (guilty!), it's super easy to change out the color depending on what that day's outfit looks like.

Stay Beautiful,

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  1. oooo sexy mama, LOVE the lbd paired with your edgy jean jacket! GORGEOUS!

  2. I simply cherish the little black dress! It is so delightful. Your jacket and shoes are looking cute too. Since I'm a clothes junkie, my most loved on-line clothes shopping is at boutiqueken Got to love free delivering and returns!!


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