Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunnies and Stop Signs

I love wearing scarves (if you haven't figured it out already). I have a few that are perfect for summer...light material, light colors. This one I got from Payless Shoes when they had a Bogo sale. I was only buying one pair of shoes, so I put this scarf on the counter and ended up paying a grand total of $2.5 for it. (Score!).

While I'm talking about scarves, let me share with you my secret for keeping all of them organized, visible, and ready-to-wear. To Ikea!

  KOMPLEMENT Multi-use hanger white Width: 17 " Height: 33 ½ "  Width: 43 cm Height: 85 cm
Isn't it beautiful? This hanger is really great for keeping all the scarves in sight. Instead of having them all in a drawer where some get pushed to the back and never worn, this keeps everything on display. And for $8? Pick one up the next time you pass by your local Swedish Mall of Dreams. ;)

Stay Beautiful,

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  1. great idea for scarves!! love it!

    i'm in love with your sunglasses.. where are they from??


  2. Believe it or not, I got the sunglasses from WalMart. For about $3. Because if you pay more than $15 for a pair of sunnies, they break or get lost. Anything that's not actually valuable will end up lasting forever. lol.

    Stay beautiful,

  3. Ooh IKEA always has such great finds! Summer-weight scarves are the best - they dress up any look and also help when it gets cooler at night! Yours looks fantastic.

    Thanks for visiting and following us, your blog is lovely!

    -j, your newest follower :)
    sorelle in style


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